The International Flash Fiction Day Competition



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Emmansigauke1uel Sigauke (left) is a Zimbabwean writer based in Sacramento, California, where he teaches college composition. He is the founding editor of online literary journal Munyori.


michelleMichelle Wallace (right) is a South African writer-in-the-making who has embarked on a never-ending journey; a lover of flash fiction who dreams of writing and publishing a mystery/suspense/thriller story, one day in the not-too-distant-future…

As a multi-colored rainbow nation child of God, she embraces an optimistic-realistic life view and believes in a good and honest work ethic.

Her many titles include songbird, entertainer, pianist and educator.

Compassion is one of her virtues and she champions the underdog…

Click HERE for The Americas!


5 thoughts on “Africa

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  3. I liked both these pieces, Emmanuel for the straight, no-nonsense portrayal when Death comes knocking, and Michelle for the beautiful job she does with honoring spirit, no matter who it embodied, and with no pretense or road signs in the margins.

  4. I like the storytelling in both these pieces. Great to see Africa represented in the mob!

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