The International Flash Fiction Day Competition


Let the mob begin!

Flash Mob CloudFLASH MOB 2013 showcases more than 100 stories from more than 100 participating writers from all over the globe. CLICK ON THE PHOTOS below to find out more about the flash enthusiasts who wrote from or about those places. To read their stories CLICK ON THEIR PHOTOS. 

And see the WINNERS page plus the Top 25 page for the winning stories of the FLASH MOB 2013 Flash Fiction Day Competition. 

ASIA:  Nicolette Wong, Village House on Water

ASIA: Nicolette Wong, Village House on Water

AFRICA:  Shannon Marsh, Addis Ababa, Outside St George's Church

AFRICA: Shannon Marsh, Addis Ababa, Outside St George’s Church


Europe: Cecelia Wyatt, Outing in Bergen

Europe: Cecelia Wyatt, Outing in Bergen

The Americas: Robin Grotke, Okracoke Morning

The Americas: Robin Grotke, Ocracoke Morning


Oceania: Jana Heise, Fiji Sky


Antarctica: web image


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You don’t have to go far to find fine flash


chroniclebutton2FLASH MOB will happen in a week, so to get you in the mood, here is a fabulous list of short stories compiled by the editors of FLASH FICTION CHRONICLES every year in May, in honor of Short Story Month.

This year’s list includes 161 stories, suggested by fellow writers. If you’re looking for inspiration and for examples of fine short story writing, check out this list. It includes the beautiful and the absurd, the satirical and the lyrical, the ordinary and extraordinary, the funny and the tragic. And much, much more.

It’s a huge task to compile this list every year. It’s a huge gift to those of us who love short stories.

And in this list you’ll find some 2013 mobsters, including:

FLASH MOB judges Marcus Speh at Fatboy Review and Robert Vaughan at Metazen

plus FLASH MOB organisers Christopher Allen at Smokelong Quarterly and Linda Simoni-Wastila at Blue Five Notebook.

Enjoy! And see you in the MOB in a week!

-Michelle Elvy


All about flash…

So you want to join the mob…

If you are new to flash fiction, these links will help. If you’re experienced at flash fiction, these links will inspire you further…

FLASH MOB 2013 welcomes all writers — new to flash and old hands.

So here we bring you writers from all over the globe talking about flash fiction in fun and creative ways.

6361655First, check out Awkword Paper Cut, where Flash Mob organiser Michelle Elvy talks with a handful of experienced flash writers about what’s important in flash. Clever and inspiring, these writers find new ways of expressing why they write flash, and why they read it, too.  Check it out here


cropped-groups-of-three-plus-oneAnd if you want more, see National Flash Fiction Day New Zealand, where you can see another group of internationally recognised writers of short short prose talk about flash. Examples include Susan Tepper:

“Flash fiction is a tray of frosted petite-fours, so tiny and delectably edible, far less caloric than its bigger siblings: the cake slice, the tarte, the piece of pie. So you can take a flash fiction delicately between your fingers and slip it inside you, and savour its sugary warmth, or its sticky jelly center, or its biting lemon curd, and you will hardly put on a pound.  Flash fiction is approved by Weight Watchers International.”

More great insights into flash at NZ’s NFFD page here


NFFDlogo13And then there’s National Flash Fiction Day in Britain, where organiser Calum Kerr (who also can be seen at New Zealand’s site) and team have put together probably the biggest national flash celebration happening this year — including workshops, competitions, anthologies and other challenges. Go here for more inspiration.


And, finally, for those of you still figuring out what’s so flash about flash, check out these fine flash journals, associated loosely or directly with organisers, judges and participants of FLASH MOB 2013. In the pages below, you’ll find plenty to inspire.

Flash Frontier: An Adventure in Short Fiction



Smokelong Quarterly

Blue Five Notebook

Open Road Review