The International Flash Fiction Day Competition

The Contest Rules

How to enter the mob:

FLASH MOB 2013 is a hybrid blog carnival and competition celebrating International Flash Fiction Day. To enter the mob, post a previously unpublished work of flash fiction (300 words or fewer, not including title) to your own blog sometime between now and June 10 (closing date of contest).

Then send the following (1-4 below)  to flashmobjune22@gmail.com

1. the link to the story

2. the story text in the body of your email without your name attached at the top

3. a brief bio

4. a picture of yourself looking mean or cool or funny or arty–nothing boring, no nudity.


Writers should push the envelope, challenge the constraints of flash fiction. Experimentation is encouraged. As there’s no entry fee for this competition, take risks and create something bold and fresh. Write something no one has ever seen before. Or write something we’ve seen before, but make us see it anew. Send us something in under 300 words that will turn heads to flash fiction on International Flash Fiction Day 2013.



The Blog Carnival and Awards:

On June 22 — International Flash Fiction Day — winners will be announced and feted in various ways, beginning with a flash mob happening here and elsewhere, and also prizes, prizes and more prizes.

28 thoughts on “The Contest Rules

  1. What if you have stories but no blog site of your own?

    • Hi, Kathy!
      Thank you for the question. It’s a good one. If you don’t have your own blog, you could set one up with blogger, wordpress or tumbler for the purpose of this blog carnival/contest. You could also post the story on a friend’s blog as a “guest” post. As long as it’s attributable to you, everything’s good. One reason we’re doing things this way is so that authors can resubmit their stories in the event the story is not chosen to win this contest. A story posted on your personal blog is not usually considered published by most literary ezines and journals. I hope you’ll join the mob.

  2. Still not sure I understand the need for a personal blog. The judges have the story contained in the email and if it is not chosen the author will submit elsewhere the way they usually do.

    • Hi, Townsend,
      All entries will take part in the blog carnival, whether they win or not, starting June 20. Your bio and the link to your story will be available on this site.

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  4. Are Fictionaut stories eligible?

  5. Are Six Sentences pieces eligible?

  6. Hello, we’re only allowed to submit one entry, right? Just want to make sure. 🙂 Thank you.

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  8. Are entries eligible if they do not include a photo?

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  10. this is probably a stupid question, but I can’t suss it out this a.m. How do I do this: “the story text in the body of your email without your name attached at the top?” all my email addresses have my name!! gay

    • Your name is OK in the email, just don’t put ‘by . . .’ between the title and the story, since we’ll have to delete it before sending it to the judges. It’s only a matter of convenience for us. You won’t be disqualified if you slip up.

  11. CLARIFICATION re: how to post your story in your email:

    The reason we ask for your story pasted into the body of an email *without your name attached to it there* is so the stories can be amassed and passed on to the judges anonymously. A document will be sent to the judges with stories for their review. That document will contain no entrant names — only story submissions. You make our copy-and-paste task much much easier by eliminating your name from the body of the email.

    In other words: all incoming info and queries come to us, and we know who you are, but the judges will not. Do not fret about your name being on your email account.

    And don’t hesitate to keep asking questions!

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  17. I missed the date by s whisker. Let me know the next competition.

  18. You have a great format, linking to other sites; unfortunately, I’m only a couple months late to compete. Please tell us about your next competition.

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